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Supported Variables

Wsdl2Code is an automatic engine that works with WSDL files (from asmx services, FrameWork 3.5)

Wsdl2Code supports all kinds of variables and objects. It is your responsibility to double check your files and verify that all of the information needed was parsed and that the services works properly

Wsdl2Code Supports:

  • Integers
  • Float
  • Double
  • Integer?
  • Float?
  • Double?
  • Boolean
  • Strings
  • Custom Class - for example Person Object
  • List Of Primitive Objects (not nullables)
  • List Of Custom Objects
  • Array Of Bytes

Wsdl2Code DOES NOT Support

  • List of Nullables params
  • Sending infomation to MVC Services (svc files)

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